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Our Story

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BBB Inc. makes an ongoing, relentless effort in creativity.

Our mission at MARK-B™ platform is to change medical environment by providing affordable and accurate diagnostics in a compact platform designed for use in qualified labs.


Company Found
Oct.  Founded headquarters in Korea


Aug.   Raised $5 million in 'Series A' round


Mar.   ‘MARK-B™ cancer’ Clinical testing and joint research with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Jul.  Presented MARK-B™ Technology at AACC(American Association for Clinical Chemistry) in Chicago, USA

Oct.  Raised 16.5 million in 'Series B'

Jan.  'MARK-B™ CEA' test cartridge CE marked

Jun.  'MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag S' CE marked, ‘Sampinute™ COVID-19 Antigen MIA’ CE marked

Aug.  KGMP Certificate acquisition, 'MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag S' the export certificate issued by MFDS, ‘Sampinute™ COVID-19 Antigen MIA’ the export certificate issued by MFDS

OCT.  Sampinute COVID-19 MIA, FDA EUA approved

DEC. ISO 13485:2016 Certificate acquisition, 'MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag’ CE marked


Jan.  Joined HAX Batch 6 program

Apr.  Signed OEM contract with GreenCross MS for supply of in-vitro diagnostic devices for hospitals

May.  Tech-In-Asia Award Winner <beGlobal Seoul 2015>

Oct.  Winner of Zhongguancun Innoway <2015 Demo The World> in Smart Hardware Sector


Apr.  Signed OEM contract with Philosys Inc. for supply of glucosmeters for hospital use

Jun.  Signed MOU with Busan University to commercialize medical research and infrastructure


Jun.  Signed MOU with Korea University Guro Hospital to develop next-generation immunodiagnostic kit for cancer, myocardial infarction, and chronic disease


Aug.  Signed OEM contract with GenBody Inc. for supply of rapid test readers for arboviruses and drugs of abuse


Nov.  Launched elemark® dual check in Korea

Mar.  Completed a Joint “Cancer Diagnostic Performance Verification Clinical Trial” with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Aug.  Launched elemark® dual check 2 in Korea

Jan.  'MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag' the export certificate issued by MFDS

Aug.  MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag' approved by MFDS, MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag' certified the Excellent R&D Innovation Product Award by KIPO

Sep.   'MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag' completed validation by AFMPS


Clinical Laboratory


August, 2019

“Evaluation of MARK-B for Quantitative Measurement of  Three Tumor Markers:

Prostate Specific Antigen, Alpha Fetoprotein, and Carcinoembryonic Antigen” 


Tumor marker assays have played a crucial role for screening cancers and monitoring cancer patients, as they reflect the status and prognosis of patients. Alpha fetoprotein (AFP), prostate specific antigen (PSA), and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) are the most commonly used tumor marker proteins. The MARK B™ immunoassay system is a novel platform based on magnetic nanoparticles and electrochemical immunoassay.  read

Analytica Chimica Acta


March, 2019

“MESIA: Magnetic force-assisted electrochemical sandwich immunoassays

for quantification of prostate-specific antigen in human serum” 


We propose a new immunoassay technique, called magnetic-force assisted electrochemical sandwich immunoassay (MESIA), where serum biomarkers can be determined by magnetic actuation and electrochemical detection of gold-coated iron oxide nanoparticles as probes for immunocomplex formation. In MESIA, neither washing buffer nor fluidic parts are necessary, because the formation of immunocomplexes and the removal of unbound probes are controlled by magnetic forces.  read

Biosensors and Bioelectronics 


July, 2018

“Magnetic force assisted electrochemical sensor for the detection of thrombin 

with aptamer-antibody sandwich formation” 


A magnetic force assisted electrochemical aptamer-antibody sandwich assay(MESA) was developed for the detection of thrombin as a model protein in serum samples. The MESA using the formation of sandwich complexes on the electrochemical sensor probe for reaction and the removal of unbound bioconjugates from the sensor surface without washing are controlled by a magnetic field.  read

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