A non-invasive medical device

for the treatment of brain disorder  

A non-invasive medical device for the treatment of brain disorder - neurogear® is a medical device intended to treat depression, OCD, ADHD, cognitive disorders, dementia, etc.

No audible or physical stimuli can be detected during its operation, allowing the patient to be entirely comfortable. Caregivers can use expert mode to customize treatments necessary for each patient.

A comfortable and safe treatment for the patients - Magnetic Pulse is generated by neurogear® stimulates the brain without any perceived physical stimulation. Emotional regulation, increased concentration, improved cognition are all possible features with neurogear®.

*The neurogear is not for sale yet, and the research and development is in progress.


For treatment-resistant depression

Depression, anxiety, and emotional instability occur when balance of brain activity is offset. neurogear™ activated to restore the balance of the brain.

A non-surgical core brain stimulation

Present new possibilities for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease 

Brings significant improvement to patients.

A journey towards wellness will begin soon.
If you have any questions regarding R&D, please do leave a comment below.
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