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COVID-19 Antigen Test

Result in 15 minutes 


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MARK-B COVID-19 Antigen Test

Simple . Accurate . Fast .

The MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag test is a electrochemical sandwich immunoassay that is used with the MARK-B™ 1 analyzer intended for the qualitative detection of the nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2 in nasopharyngeal swab specimens.




*The MARK-B™ 1 analyzer(MB-100) and the MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag are CE marked.

Benefits : COVID-19 antigen test

Deliver lab-quality results in 15 mins.

Test results in 15 minutes

Fast diagnosis with results in 15 minutes in various locations such as clinical laboratories, hospitals etc.

Turn-around Time

Sensitivity  94.4%

specificity  100.0%

 The clinical performance of MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag was established with a study using NPS specimens, which have been previously characterized and were supplied by a biorepository in the United States. In the clinical performance, seventy-two (72) samples were measured, resulting in a sensitivity of 94.4% (34/36) and a specificity of 100.0% (36/36).


Enable the physician to verify infection quickly, begin proper treatment and to initiate isolation precautions helping prevent further spread of infection.



Limit of Detection

2.39 x 10  TCID   /mL



Detect a positive result against the low concentration sample without amplification before any symptom onset.


*The MARK-B COVID-19 Ag test cartridge. It's disposable.


  • Direct sample types include: Nasopharyngeal swabs

  • Simple operation via visual touchscreen

  • Assay kit contains all necessary components for testing to include: 25 test cartridges, swabs for sample collection, reagent solution kits
  • Actionable results in 15 minutes or less

Benefits : MARK-B 1 analyzer

Every infectious disease test needs quick answers. That’s why you need MARK-B™ 1 analyzer; a high-performance immunoassay analyzer that provides accurate results in minutes, not hours.

  • Easy to learn and use only minimal training requirements

  • Small footprint saves you bench space 

  • Can be used in any healthcare setting

  • Large visual touchscreen displays results

  • Eliminating transcription errors and the need for printing

  • No need for calibration

  • Facilitates effective patient management

*The MARK-B™ 1 analyzer(MB-100) is CE marked.


How to use 'MARK-B COVID-19 Ag'

Helpful documents

MARK-B™ 1 analyzer User Manual


Quick Reference guide for MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag

[MARK-B COVID-19 Ag]Fact Sheet for HCP

[MARK-B™ COVID-19 Ag]Fact Sheet for Patients


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